Ika Riswanti Putranti, SH.,MH, PhD

Head of Departement/Senior Lecturer

Courses: International Law, Maritime Law, European Law, Diplomatic and Counselor Law, Financial Crime, Maritime Crime

Shary Charlotte, S.IP, MA


Courses: Conflict Negotiation & Resolution, Crime agaist Peace

Fendy E. Wahyudi, S.IP, M.Hub.Int


Courses: International Political Economy, IR Methodology, Introduction to IR

Dr. Reni Windiani, MS

Department Secretary

Courses: Comparative FP, IR Methodology, China FP

Marten Hanura, S.IP, M.PS


Courses: Human Rights on IR, SEA Studies, China FP, European Studies

Nadya Farabi, S.Hub.Int, MA


Courses: IP Computer Application, Japan FP, Transnational Enviromental Crime

Drs. Tri Cahyo Utomo, MA

Assc. Professor

Courses: US Foreign Policy, Human Rights on IR, Indonesia FP, SEA Study

Mohamad Rosyidin, S.Sos, MA


Courses: SEA Studies, Globalization, Crime against war

Andi Akhmad Basith Dir, S.IP, MA, M.IS


Courses: European Studies, Comparative FP, Maritime Law

Dra. Hermini Sustianingsih, M.Si

Senior Lecturer

Courses: Introduction to Politics, Public Policy

Satwika Paramasatya, S.IP, MA


Courses: Crime against war, Maritime law, Conflict Negotiation and Resolution